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What is a barrette clip?

The barrette clip is a clip that is typically made from a metal and is finished with a resin or plastic topper, which is used to decorate it. The barrette’s clip is fastened with a clasp that’s opened when a person presses the metal pieces that are on its sides. These barrettes come in a number of different sizes and shapes. For instance, you can find slim, flat styles or with anarchy design.

Hairstyles you can do with the barrette clip

The barrette clip is an incredibly versatile clip. One of the hairstyles one can do with this clip is the French Twist, a style that is done by securing the barrette right above the thick part of the twist to hold it in place. One could also use this clip for half-up styles, a low ponytail, or to secure smaller pieces of hair.

How do you use the barrette clip?

The French Pleat

The first hairstyle one can use the barrette clip on is the French Pleat. To do this all you have to do is:

  • Press on the metal pads that are on either side of the clip to open it up

  • Grab on to all the hair that is at the base of the neck and twist it

  • Press the twist up so that it’s flat on the head and tuck in all the loose ends

  • Press the bottom side of the clip directly underneath the twist, right above the thickest piece of it, until it’s coming out on either side

  • Last, all you have to do is clamp the top of the clip over the twist and fasten its clamp to secure the clip

The Low Ponytail

Next, we’re going to go over the Low Ponytail. To make this hairstyle all you have to do is:

  • First, you have to press on the metal pads on either side of the clasp to open the clip up

  • Next, take all of the hair and bring it together into a ponytail at the base of the neck

  • Then, Slide the bottom of the clip underneath the ponytail until the clasp is coming out on the other side of it

  • Last, clamp the top of the clip down over the ponytail and press the clasp together to fasten

Using a barrette on thick hair

The best clip to use on thick or textured hair are arched barrette clips. The arch of the clip allows them to hold on to tons of the hair. When one is using one of these clips to fasten a French pleat, clip the barrette directly above the thick side of the twist so that it fits easily around all the hair.

Barrettes such as the 8cm Barrette, can be used on thicker hair to hold on to half-up styles or to hold smaller sections on the sides.

Using a barrette on fine hair

Hair types that are a bit finer usually do better with flat barrette styles because they secure the hair and prevent it from slipping. If you’re going for a French Pleat style, an 8cm small barrette is one of the best options. If you have more textured hair, or more hair in general, you may want to look at clips with a more arched style, which allows more hair to be secured.

If you’re going for more of a low ponytail style, you’ll want to choose a barrette that it's the amount of and thickness of your hair. If you have a bunch of fine, or textured hair you’ll want a barrette that is about 8cm or an arched barrette. If you have incredibly fine hair you may want to try something like a 6cm barrette.

If you’re going for a half-up style, you’ll want something either smaller or flatter that one you would use for an up-do.

Remember that fine hair can be slippery and silky, so you may want to adhere a bit of hair or texture spray to keep the clip in place.

There are plenty of things one can do with a barrette. And feel free to check out the barrettes we have on the site. Hope this helps.

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