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How do you wear different hair clips?

Hair clips make designing hair styles, that are affordable, flattering, and functional very much so trendy.

Designers such as Donatella Versace and Alexander Wang, some of the most well-known and versatile designers allowed models to walk down the runway during a fashion show with barrettes, headbands, pins, and clips in their heads. This made hair accessories such as these very popular from that point on. The cool thing about hair accessories is that they are fairly versatile coupled by the idea that they bring back that nostalgia from the 90s. We know that if you were born in or were around in the 90s you remember when they were ever present in everyone’s head and were always scattered around someone’s mirror, bookbag, or purse.

However, these hair accessories have evolved quite a bit since their original inception. Nowadays we see more styles and designs than the basic old style where one was required to fasten the clip on either side. Aside from that, these accessories are no longer restrained to only being used by little girls. Nowadays, one can see women of all ages wearing hair clips in their everyday hairstyles; to work or to the bar, it doesn’t matter.

There are tons of ways one can incorporate a hair clip in their everyday style. One can use them to add a bit of color to accentuate their outfit or simply use them to keep hair out of their faces when they are working, or add a pop to their outfit when they are going for a night out. The great thing about hair clips is that they are usually fairly inexpensive.

Going on a romantic date?

If you’re going out on a date with a significant other, simple is the new sexy. This means that wearing a barrette or a metallic clip to pin hair down on one side of the face will do the trick for those going for that kind of look. And, depending on what your plans are for the night, a metallic pin or a little glitter right above the ear can add to the femininity of the look. You may want to opt for a heavier clip if your look is on the fancier side of things.

Girly and Chic

Whether you’re heading out for a day of shopping or heading to brunch, hair clips can add a bit of personality to a look that would usually be considered casual. One can have fun with hair clips and make a layered look. This is when you put chunks of hair on one side and clip them with each clip going underneath the first one. Not only that but hair clip colors can be mixed together to make a look bolder.

You can even add a braid or a twist and pin them to the back with either several smaller clips or a large one.

And don’t be afraid to mix it up with hair clips and break the rules. You can tie the hair to the back and pin all the loose har back with bobby pins or hair clips to compliment the original style. The idea would be to avoid overdoing it and allowing your hair clips to stand out on your head.

Cool And Edgy Look

Slogan barrettes or statement clips are great for those going for that edgy look. You can now put all of your feelings into your hair rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve. Take for example, the British designer Ashley Williams, who is famous for her popularizing statement clips. Even though Ashley Williams clips can cost upwards of $100, there are tons of clips out there that are less expensive.

For instance, you can wear crystal adorned clips with a motto jacket. These clips can be pinned into straight, sleek hair or on the side of a ponytail or bun. Branded clips and slogan barrettes allow you to have a more playful style.

If you want more of a dramatic style then you could even try out hair extensions as they add more length and volume to your hair without damage or commitment.

The Business Casual Style

Michael Kors, the king of accessory designers said that his idea about hair accessories is that they were supposed to be the exclamation of a woman’s fit. He also said that no matter what a person’s occupation is there is always a go to style that gets a person out of the house as fast as humanly possible. Regardless of whether or not is a run through with a hot iron, a topknot, or simple waves it’s sometimes all about speed rather than style when it comes to Monday through Friday.

The great thing about the clip trend is that a whole bunch of time isn’t needed to make it work.

One can use a barrette or a metallic bobby pin on the parts of the hair that are wavy, curly, down, or straight. If you’re wearing your hair straight, add a clip to one side of your part, or on both sides of the head. One can also use a few thinner or smaller clips or bobby pins right above the ear as a subtler option. If you have more voluminous or curly hair, you can choose a more intricate or larger barrette or clips so that they are noticeable against the curls. Small details such as these add a bit of flair to the look you wear every day.

If you’re trying to make more of a statement with your look, you can wear a large clip on the side with the part, or even bring some hair around to the back of the head and lock it in with it.

If you’re going for more of a statement look, you can gather some of your hair behind the back of your head secured with a big clip, or use a jumbo clip on the side part.

If you’re going for more of an elegant or sophisticated look, you can use a pearl covered hair accessory. We have some great ones here.

Tips for wearing hair clips

There are tons of styles you can use hair clips with.

We have another article that talks about the different styles of hair clips and how to wear them here.

Some of the different hairstyles you can use hair clips with are:

The embellished up-do

This is the perfect style for someone going out to a fancy dinner or to a wedding. We have the perfect clip for that here.

All you would have to do to do this hair style all you have to do is, while leaving a large piece of your hair free, secure the rest of it into a ponytail. You then have to twist the remainder into a bun (loose) and place bobby pins around the diameter of it to keep it in place.

You then take the piece of hair that was left to the side and place it along the face until it joins the bun. To keep this in place use a holding spray.

You can then use any clip you like to hold this piece of hair, while adding some flair to the bun.

Parted to perfection

If you need a style and method of wearing hair accessories when your bangs are growing out this may be the style for you.

All you have to do is grab a rat tail comb, and part your hair straight down the middle. Then, grabbing the hair when it’s about 1-2 inches away from the part, place a hair clip parallel with the part. Next, do this on the opposite side of the head and you’re golden.

Polished Ponytail

The polished ponytail is great for hiding second or third day hair as well as bang regrowth. If you use a rat tail comb to create a deep part and then insert a couple of hair pins into the larger section of your hair that will work perfectly to hide either of the 2 things mentioned above.

There is also something you can do if you are prone to fly aways or your bangs are kind of resilient; you can use a holding spray to secure the hairs.

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