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What is the purpose of art?

Here is what you need to know about the purpose of art

Everywhere you look you will see a piece of art. All the way from the work you see in fine art galleries (such as ours) to the billboards you pass as you drive down the street. We know that it’s all art but how can you know what the purpose of art is?

Art’s purpose is to enable people in both group settings and by themselves, to express emotion, remember history, expose the injustice that happens in the world, get over hurdles, and understand the world as it happens around them.

At core, art is a mode of self-expression that allows an artist to show or capture their “insides” in any medium they choose.

So, what is art? The definition

There is no literal definition for the word art. Art is compiled of a number of different activities that humans partake in (animals too occasionally) that require technical skill, creativity, and imagination. Many would agree that art is a simple bi-product of art forms that date back to the earliest days of mankind and of culture.

Also, one could classify art into a number of categories including paintings, movies, sculptures, decorative art, and performing and fine arts.

History of art

Because art basically has no definition, it can be a bit difficult to trace its historic roots. Artists have managed to find some cave paintings though, something that can be considered prehistoric art.

Our predecessors used art to communicate with one another and to do things such as document events, monitor seasons, and warn others of potential dangers.

As we evolved, so did the things we used to create our art. Our advancements in technology allowed us to develop our artistry even further, which made way for many of the modern pieces we have today.

Who makes art you ask?

Something else to consider when trying to determine the purpose of art is the art’s literal creation. Have you ever watched a movie, television show etc. and wondered if only the experts can make things as great as that which you’ve seen?

The answer to your wonderment is a stiff, no Anyone can make art, with or without experience.

Due to the fact that art is an expression of self in all facets, anyone can make it, regardless of experience.

Artistic talent and how it ties into the purpose of art

We’re sure that someone in your team may have once been asked to create something and their reply to you was something along the lines of,

“I’m not artistic.”

Everyone is artistic, regardless of the medium used.

However, artistic individuals have the innate ability to hone their skills in whatever medium they choose to work with.

But, that doesn’t mean that art still doesn’t serve everyone as a social, creative, and emotional outlet.

Why do we create art?

Art, in short, gives one the ability to express their emotions in ways they wouldn’t be comfortable expressing them to other individuals.

We create art to communicate our desires, hopes, wishes, and feelings to ourselves (and hopefully others).

Consuming Art

For some, simply expressing themselves isn’t the goal they’re aiming for. Rather, they use the way they feel to move others toward action or some other thing such as understanding or inspiration.

Some artists produce their works with other’s consumption in mind. They want to make others feel the plethora of emotions, learn something new, or take action.

Oftentimes, when an artist has created a new piece, they consider their intentions during each step of the process.

Take into consideration, for instance, a painting.

The purpose behind many pieces is in the minutiae, such as the colors. Other things that hold great importance in pieces ar, messaging, texture, and design.

Artists will use a number of things including, smiling faces, light or darker colors, blurred lines, and a variety of other things to get their point across to the viewer.

So, what is the purpose of art? The artist is the only one who could answer that question honestly. Don't forget to check out some of our other blog posts here.


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