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 David Schluss 

The creative process David Schluss employs is a mixture of planning and spontaneity—sometimes he sketches first, other times he simply dives in.  The preparation of the canvas incorporates glue, gesso and egg whites; the hardening creates fissures and textures establish an inviting terrain for his artistry.  For David, the application of paint to the prepared canvas is nothing short of a visceral experience for he literally uses both his hands and his fingers to achieve his artistic vision.  Years ago his decision to “wipe the slate clean” and start anew on a painting that was in progress was a fortuitous choice.  As he laid his brushes down, and removed the excess paint, the remnant images struck him as joyful, unlike the original work itself; thus he stumbled upon a very effective hand application technique which continues to this day.  Since that time, he spends more on hand soap and moisturizers than he does on paintbrushes.  he credits Chagall, a”Semi-Realistic” artist and Miro a “totally Abstract” artist for providing the seeds which have shaped his style, he recognizes he is a “combination of both”.

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Phone: (954) 667-0660

3334 NE 34th Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308