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Gary Kroman

A New York City native, Gary Kroman began working independently as a freelance illustrator in 1972. Gary worked extensively for ad agencies and magazines. In 1973 he met with the people at Relix magazine and began illustrating for the magazine. Inspired by Rick Griffin, Kelly and Mouse and most of the San Francisco comic and poster artists of the late sixties and early seventies he created volumes of posters, magazine covers, album cover art and tee shirts.


After more than 30 years of doing traditional painting and drawing techniques he realized it was getting old and he wanted to experiment with new techniques. Everything seemed so flat. Each piece opens a new avenue and asks more questions for the next piece such as what if I add this or that? Or how about a different mounting technique or a mixed media background and lining up the front image more exactly with the back image? Currently his subject matter is celebrity and what that persona means. The art makes a statement about the particular person. Every new piece goes a little further to enhance the “hanging in space” dimensional view.


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