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Antonio Diviccaro Biography

About Antonio Diviccaro

Antonio Di Viccaro, origin of Castelforte, in the province of Latina, is marked by a strong and incisive key, colour, the protagonist of all his creations. It defines him as a painter, which is confirmed along his path, because his work is made of colour, a prevailing presence, the result of which in time will demonstrate the acquisition and the adoption of a precise exploration of colour. A passion discovered at a young age, a born talent turned to mastery, thanks to a career of study, persistence and work.

Di Viccaro today is stronger with a well-established and successful knowledge of “painting” which comes from colour, in a natural and marked way, where the spatula, his favourite instrument, creates and transforms the canvas a fact apparently known and already lived, reformulated and awakened by his touch. Confirm the use of the spatula, for most of his career, a technique used by a few landscape artists in Italy, resulting in the creation of a personal style and colour, also combined arbitrarily, of great visual and emotional impact. Looking at one of his scenes, the flickering veils of water, the streets with flashes of colour and light, the viewer is initially stunned, almost slapped, and the eye exams the landscape, interpreted by the artist, in new key, modern, where the yellow is next to blue, red to pink, in a contrast that creates union. We are conscious of matter, the senses are stirred.

The colour dazzles, in some places the oil is so generously laid on the canvas that you almost want to touch; sometimes you have the sensation of hearing the roar of the waters of a stormy sea tinged with a light blue, or caress overlapping glazes in a calm lake. Then the detail, the care lavished in particular to attract the attention. Windows washed by a strong light but reassuring, flowers nestled among the bustling streets, where the human figure is rarely represented, protagonists being nature, life, love for beauty. Di Viccaro feels nature, creates the landscape, which is illuminated through its internalization in a process of revision which becomes evident in the work.

The landscape is full of optimism, even when the painting shows a scene at dusk because the light has already been manifested, temporally prior and existing. The colour is a means to exert a direct influence on the soul, suggests the father of the abstractism, V. Kandinsky, the work of Antonio Di Viccaro, explicitly comes to the eyes, but its strength is in being able to even go further, thrilling and involving the soul of the viewer.

Antonio Di Viccario Artist
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