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Marc Lipp Biography

About Marc Lipp

Marc Lipp was born in the year 1962 in the city of North Babylon, New York. He started drawing at a very early age and began experimenting with drawing, painting, and airbrushing as a teen in an effort to make extra money as a teen. When he reached adulthood he decided to further his education and attended the Pratt institute of Art and Design based in Brooklyn, New York. 

Lipp has a ton of inspirations for his work in the art world including Liberian and African art as well as the sizable collection of works that Picasso has. 

Despite the fact that he learned about all art forms in college he still felt drawn to airbrushing, his lifeline as an artist. He then started working at street events and decided to move to Wildwood, New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. From this point he learned how to do custom graphics and artworks on bikes, autos, choppers, and even went on to start doing large scale murals.​





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