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Pascal Lecocq Biography

Pascal Lecocq


Pascal Lecocq has been exhibiting his work across Europe for the last thirty years and his paintings can be found in galleries and private collections around the world.

Although his work includes surreal landscapes and opera decors, he has become famous for his images of divers in surreal situations enveloped in remarkable blue vistas.


Pascal Lecocq loves telling stories. The characters evolve in their natural but surrealistic environment in which the spectators dive: this achieves the magic. Be it a diver “bullfighting” a great white shark, a group of divers playing leapfrog, basketball, or even ballroom dancing we are amused but at the same time, we never doubt the dignity of the character portrayed. Pascal Lecocq's “frogman” character quickly becomes as charming as dare say, Charlie Chaplin “the Little Tramp”.


The work of Pascal Lecocq reflects his humor, poetry, dreams, and imagination. Pascal Lecocq is a graduate of the University in Paris with a doctorate in Art. He is the author of a Ph.D. thesis on opera decors. His pictorial research and color work point to his great admiration of Van Eyck and Vermeer while his landscapes show the influence of Dali. His work is extremely personal and his matter is smooth, bright, and delicate.

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