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Mark Anthony Hill

Mark Anthony Hill was born in Montego-Bay, Jamaica. Artist Mark Anthony Hill began drawing and mixing colors at age seven. At the tender age of twelve. Hill entered the prestigious institution Cornwall College, where he focused exclusively on the study and making of art from 8th to 11th grade.


Rastafarian artist and teacher Clyde Clarke, Hill’s mentor at Cornwall College, recognized and nurtured Hill’s talent into a monumental staple. At age 15 Hill began showing and selling his artwork through the Ambiente Gallery in Montego-Bay, Jamaica run by Belgian gallerist and curator,

Gloria Itchins.


Hill also excelled as an athlete. In 1998 Hill was recruited immediately after leaving Cornwall College; to join the famous Jamaican bobsled team, which the movie “Cool Runnings” was about. Hill traveled the globe with his team for 9 years, competing in his sport and visiting art museums in cities mostly in Europe. It was during his travels with the team that Hill first encountered the works of artist Malangatana Valente Ngwenya from Mozambique and Afro-Cuban Wifredo Lam among other important influences on his work including Picasso, Braque, Klee, and Modigliani which were all influenced by Afrikan art.


In 2008 Hill settled in Florida to do what he {loves}. Paint. Hill has said that his experience as a bobsledding pilot, during which he was responsible for walking and memorizing every curve and bank of every serpentine track in advance of competitions, still informs the energy and spatial expression in his paintings.

Mark Anthony Hill Jamaican Artist at North Beach Art Gallery
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