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Rosaria Vigorito

Rosaria Vigorito
Rosaria Vigorito "Twin Souls"

Rosaria Vigorito

“Art elevates us.  Art is essential to the human soul.  Art is relevant, important, and transcendent in nature.  Art sustains and nourishes our spirit and essence.  With art we are inspired, without art we merely exist.” Rosaria Vigorito

Formerly a NY lawyer and law librarian professor, with an MFA from the NY Academy of Art, I am now an established and award-winning Miami artist, who exhibits locally and internationally in different venues, including art fairs, galleries, government institutions, and museums.  I am a former board member of ArtsUnited and a member in good standing with ArtsUnited, the Broward Art Guild, and the National League of American Pen Women – National and Fort Lauderdale Chapters.  I also love offering my art to help various charitable organizations, most recently Stonewall Museum, OurFund, SFGN, Children’s Diagnostic Center, Island City Theater, and Wilton Art. 


Art is my passion, my calling, my purpose.  I perceive the artist role as that of messenger, philosopher, outlier, and empath.  This role includes, challenging our known perceptions and preconceived notions, and to dare to be raw, emotional, psychological, sensual, spiritual, and provocative. 


My unique and noticeable style involves fragmentation of forms, raw emotive lines, and vibrant use of colors.  The bare essence of the fragment -- abstracted, shredded, eroded, yet substituting for the whole.  The line, in turn, allows for the abstract yet relatable emergence of the figures, portraits and objects, providing their movement, energy and vitality, as well.  Thematically, by pushing the limits visually and metaphorically with my style, I explore the internal and external workings of the female form, androgyny, the inner psyche, objects of desire and beauty, and the essence that makes us energy in motion.

Rosaira VIgorito "Pink Rose"
Rosaria Vigorito "Sacred Heart"
Rosaria Vigorito "Horus’ Eye"
Rosaria Vigorito "Tripping"
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