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Nestor Danilo Romero Arevalo

Nestor Danilo Romero Arevalo

Painter, Sculptor & Writer

Born in Colombia on July 10, 1958 He is considered an important figure in art Colombian. His works are characterized by being nudes of woman and man, in a dream-based way the iconography of the artist's thought, of the love, passion, eroticism, dreams, thoughts, feelings.

His works characterize the artist's life in his deep feeling, with an original theme and transmitting to the observer his passion for human body in works like eternity, san Sebastian, passion in movement.

Exhibits in Columbia

Galería Casa Cuadrada,       Bogotá 2007
Galeria Casa  Cuadrada,      Bogotá 2009
Galeria Casa Cuadrada,        Bogotá 2010
Galeria Casa Cuadrada,        Bogotá 2013
Galeria 170 Alameda,           Bogotá 2013
Galeria A seis manos,           Bogotá 2014
Galeria Casa de la Cultura   Near Bogotá 2017

International Exhibits

Escultura Figurativa Barcelona                 España 2008
Casa de la Cultura Granada                      España 2008
Galería Diana Armilla                                 España 2008
Centro Cultural Córdoba                           España 2008
Lomas Casa Chevrolet                               México DF 2016
Casa de la Cultura San Carlos Puebla     México 2016

Spectrum, Art Basel                                   Miami, US 2018

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