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Scott Joshua Dere

Scott Joshua Dere Biography


Traveling the world is a privilege. The opportunity to experience life in the wilderness and see breathtaking views filled with amazing wildlife living in pristine environments can be captivating. Scenes that invigorate the mind and spirit and have serious impacts on ones cognitive thinking. Where images take the imagination on a journey of adventure and one gets lost in a dream of never ending exploration.

Scott Joshua Dere shares this experience with profound moments captured on camera. Bringing imaging back down to its core expression where there is maximum meaning from minimal material and where the visual experience has enough emotional impact to transform the mentality of a person's soul. 


Scott photographs that emotion through electrically charged visuals of nature that envelope the senses and embrace the spirit of adventure. Scott has harnessed the power of light and shadow and used them to control the eyes of his audience. Viewers will be forced to move closer and farther from the art as part of the experience of understanding the size and scale of the animals and environments photographed. 


For 25 years Scott Dere has studied emotional impact through the photographic process which engages all of the senses while captivating the mind and intriguing the inner explorer spirit. To succeed in this advanced visual experience, Scott falls back on technique, using scale, romantic light, and impact to entrance his voyeurs into having feelings. A simple human trait that can directly impact one's heart and mind.  Even more, Scott Joshua captures the soul of the wild animals within the lands they dwell upon which enriches the photographs and enhances the experience even further. 


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