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What is the most underrated form of art?

Here you have it, a piece on the world’s most seriously underrated art form, photography. This piece is for everyone, the people who love photography and those who haven’t been able to spend a bunch of time behind the lens. When we think of the term art, we typically picture a canvas and a brush (or brushes) . It isn’t the norm for individuals to think of a person with a camera and a person behind a camera capturing their vision.

This is a bit sad considering the work that goes into the craft and how powerful it is as an art form. Remember always that pictures are powerful.

Photos not only are the secret of the photographer, but they are a moment that is unique to the person who takes the photo.

To prove this point, we are going to show some images taken by the photographer herself, Brooke Trace.

Now, the images above aren’t pinhole images, but we will be discussing a bit, pinhole photographs.

Pinhole cameras are wooden boxes that have some type of lens and lens cover. On top of this a light sensitive paper is placed inside of the box. To take the photograph of the image, the lens is left open for a period of time (depending on the amount of light exposure and the place where the image is captured).

Pinhole takes very crisp and sharp photos. It will initially come out as a negative which needs to be developed in a dark room and is then converted to a “positive” in photoshop. This process can take up to 30 minutes per image. Pinhole images are white and black images that are defined by their ability to convey emotion. Once one removes color from a photograph the aspects that are usually taken for granted develop a new presence.

Photography is usually taken for granted but it shouldn’t be.


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