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What is the most lucrative way to sell art

7 of the most lucrative ways to sell art

It used to be a pain in the rear end trying to get your art career off the ground by way of the usual channels. The means to sell art were few and far between. There weren’t any websites with which a person could sell their work and if you wanted to sell your work you quite literally had to go and find that individual and speak to them directly. Whether this was via an impromptu street sale, a creative show, or at an art gallery was up to you.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet , it’s never been easier for artists to share their work with enthusiasts from around the world. Below are some of the best channels one could use to sell their work.


To sell on FineArtAmerica you need to

  • Make an account

  • Upload photographs of your work

  • Choose the products you’d like featured

  • Set the prices you want

When it comes to pricing, FIneArtAmerica chooses the base prices for each product. After this is set, one can choose a markup, something that you get to keep once a sale is made. When it comes to digital downloads, you can choose to keep 100% of the asking price. FineArtAmerica, asks that you set a 30% markup on digital products however, so they can keep it as a commission. If a sale is made on an original piece of work you get to keep 100% of the selling price.

If you would like your work to be placed on a number of other products all you would have to do is partner with Society6. They offer print on demand service and have one of the largest assortments of products in the industry. This allows their customers to go through your wall of work and see how each piece would look on a number of things.

If you’ve ever been through the halls of an upscale corporate building, odds are that you’ve seen at least a couple of paintings. And, if you’ve ever thought of having your art lining the hallways of one you should probably check out TurningArt. Their service basically rents pieces and sells them to commercial clients, on top of organizes original commissions.

If something you’ve always dreamed of has been to have your work line the walls of a high-end gallery it may be a great idea to sell your work on UGallery. It’s selection of illustrations, photos, prints, sculptures, and paintings are all carefully curated to appeal to the true art enthusiasts in the world. Their online art market/gallery is also always committed to showing something new. To do this, they only showcase art from mid-level and emerging artists - and all the work they showcase must be exclusive and original to the platform. In short, they are trying to make the experience of shopping at a high-end art gallery into a digital one rather than a physical one.

If one is searching for exposure, they could definitely check into a place called Saatchi Art. This online gallery and marketplace has a considerably large-sized audience. Their site gets close to 1.6 millions visitors each month as well as 12 million page views. They also have almost 500,000 facebook followers and 650,000 on Instagram. This platform has sold to collectors in more than 80 countries across the globe.

If you’re not using Amazon in today’s age then you’re a bit behind the curve. Depending on the type of art you’re selling, this retailer offers a number of opportunities with which someone could use to sell their crafted items. In addition to that, there is also an entire section one could use that is dedicated to things such as drawings, photographs, one of a kind paintings, etc.

Nowadays, you can’t even think of selling your art online without considering Etsy. This platform was launched in the year 2005 and is a mega-popular online marketplace when it comes to designers, painters, crafters, and artists of many different varieties, to show their work off, and connect with people interested in purchasing it online.

The popularity Etsy has is considered both the biggest challenge and draw for artists. The gargantuan marketplace gives one exposure to a plethora of artists and art enthusiasts from around the web. On the other hand, it can be a bit difficult for artists to break through because of the large number of artists there are on the platform.

To begin selling art on Etsy, one must first start with selling their work on an Etsy shop. Once the shop is created, one can then begin to list their products as well as start marketing their products and getting sales. Etsy, luckily provides a number of tools that one can use to help get their work in front of the correct audience.

Etsy does charge a nominal fee, however. If any of your work sells they charge a 5% transaction fee as well as a 3% + $.25 processing fee for payments. On top of that there are also additional fees for advertising if one wants to promote any products on the Etsy platform or off-site.

There you have it, 7 of the most lucrative ways to sell art online. For more blog posts click here.


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