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What artwork made you speechless?

Street art is something that has become widespread throughout the world in its entirety. Although, when people think of street art they think of things like spray paint art and the like, the fact of the matter is that it can take on a variety of different shapes and forms. In the article that you’re about to read you’ll find pieces from some of the best street artists in the world. The works here have made many speechless and are still remembered to this day for their creativity and use of colors.


Girl with watering can

A cigarette

Bruce lee

In a restaurant

An equation

The face of the city

The world going down the drain


A caravan

Calvin and Hobbes

Satellite Dishes

A sower at day

And at night


A straw

An ostrich

You can let your hair grow

But sooner or later it needs to get trimmed

A cheerleader



Looking for happiness

The leaning tower of P


There you have it, 29 art pieces that have defy law and make people speechless. For more posts, feel free to check out our other pages here.


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