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The 16 different styles of hair clips

What are the names of different hair clips?

Are you trying to wear your hair au natural? Don’t have time to put your hair in the multitude of styles that take hours to put in? Well, you need not worry because some genius named Ernest Godward invented a pretty little thing called hair clips/pins. Now, these tiny little items are used to clip hair together or put in a style that is both easy and quick to do. You may have known this, but I’m sure you don’t yet know that there are 16 + different styles of hair clips to choose from. Below, you will find information and descriptions of each of these different hair clips.

Bobby Pin

Claw Hair Clip

One of the most popular hair clips on this lip, the odds are that the majority of people have tried this hair clip at some point in their lives. These hair clips are often used because of the sheer simplicity of their use. Usually, individuals who use these hair clips use them to secure their hair at the back end of their heads.

If you have a smaller version of this clip, you can even make pinback bangs, a secure half-up style, or a low ponytail. Another great thing about this hair clip is that they crease or dent hair the same way that a regular hair tie would.

If you want some high quality, creative hair clips I would start here

Wave Setting Clip

Even though wave setting clips are designed for professional use, they still work well for the average person. These types of clips are designed so that hair can be held up while make-up is being applied to the face. Aside from the fact that they’re good for making hairstyles such as finger waves, they are also great for making most other hairstyles without putting dents in the hair.

Sectioning Clips

These are some of the best hair clips out there for sectioning off large chunks of hair while it’s being styled. The fact that they are long and slender helps them remain comfortable when they’re being held in the head for a long time.

This style of hair clip is supposed to be used when the hair is being straightened, braided, blow dried, or during any time the hair is being styled and you need the extra hair to be out of the way.

Banana Clip

The banana clip is great for those who need to secure a ton of hair at one time. Because it has teeth in both the outer circle and the middle that lock together at one of the ends, this is a great option for thick, long hair.

For those women with kinky, thick hair, you can search for bigger versions of this style of hair clip made out of flexible, bendable materials that are on the market. If you choose a design that’s simple you can wear it every day or if you purchase one that is made of extravagant materials for more important events such as meetings.

Snap Clip

We shouldn’t have to do much explaining for this style of hair clip, we’re sure you remember them. The snap clip is the hair clip that most children use when they are just starting to learn how to style their own locks. Not only are they simple to use but they also come in tons of bright, and beautiful colors. Because they don’t hold very much hair makes them great for kids due to them usually having fairly fine hair textures.

Pearl Hair Clip

The style of the pearl hair clip, makes up a number of different hair clip styles, like banana clips or bobby pins. Even though the clip may have an interesting shape, it needs to have pearls covering it completely for it to be considered a Pearl Hair Clip.

This style of clip is perfect for those going out on a romantic outing or someone who is going to be married.