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What are the different types of frames?

41 different style of frames for you to choose from

There are a number of different types of frames to choose from. And this is a good thing too, considering there are a number of different looks that people like to go for when they are decorating an area. Knowing the different styles there are makes it a bit easier to know what look will best compliment the decor of the area you’re designing.

Modern Frame

The Modern frame is perfect for those who would like their room to have a minimalist look to it. As well as have a frame that accentuates the art that it’s containing. These frames are perfect for any industrial-urban area.

A good way to style these hair frames is to pair two large ones together, or to mix and match the two similar frames together. Just because you may have incorporated other metal finishes into the design of your place doesn’t mean that the metal of the frames has to be identical. Switching it up sometimes is a good thing.

Gallery Frame

Gallery Frames incorporate a mat, which gives them an elevated frame in frame effect that one may see in an installation involving photography in a museum. These types of frames are mainly used for one’s most prized photos. Putting together a collection of these types of photo frames works wonders for giving off an impactful look; and don’t forget that you can always put together different finishes into the collection. Not only that but, they can also give off a sophisticated look that helps tie different sections of the room together.

Photo Holders

You don’t only have to use frames to display your photos. Photo holders are incredibly versatile, functional and are great ways to display the photos you’d like to look at.

Tabletop frames

Tabletop frames are the go to for those who would like their home to look more like a home. These frames have both functionality and a modern design. You want to put tabletop frames in a place where you would like to infuse a bit of functionality into. These frames are great for places such as mantles, tables, shelves or as finishing pieces for art walls. You only want to use one of these so as not to make the spot they’re going on look cluttered.

Canvas Prints

The Canvas Print takes the meaning of dimension to a whole other level by stretching canvas onto an internal frame. These frames are a great departure from the regular and feature high quality cotton blends that boast great detail and reproduction of color. They also give off unique visual effect much different from that of anything else on the market. If you want a photo to pop to visitors at first glance, this is the frame for you. They’re great for things such as baby and wedding photos. And remember, these should always be the focal point of the room.

Deep set frames

The Deep Set frame is very much similar to the Shadow Box except that it uses a thicker mat and a deeper frame to make an individual focus morso on the image than on the frame itself. This type of frame is perfect for travel or landscape photos. The added layers of the frame draws the person looking at the photo into the image itself, almost mesmerizing them. For help making the image pop, simply set this on a shelf or mantle. You may also want to stagger the way other decor is set to help make this frame stand out.

Floating Frame

Floating frames make use of an acrylic or clear glass instead of a mat to make it seem like the photo used is quite literally floating on the wall. These types of frames are best used for that “One” photo. This type of frame is supposed to be able to stand on its own as a centerpiece - it will help turn a blank wall into a piece of art.

Shadow Box

The shadow box is deeper than the typical frame,which allows one to store more than the typical photograph. There are shadow boxes that can store things such as buttons, pins, badges, and memorabilia. You want to make sure the shadow box you use is deep enough so that the item inserted doesn’t press up against the glass.

Standard frame

These frames would look good in any office or home. They typically come in a solid or plain color so that they don’t take away from the actual photo being displayed. You can find these frames in brighter colors - brighter colors that won’t take away from the photo itself.

Collage frame

You don’t have to display just one photograph when you decide to actually start displaying photographs. The collage frame is the go to for any individual who would like to display several photographs at one time. You don’t have to pick the best photograph either, simply get one of these and display some of your favorite photographs.

Poster Frame

If you buy a poster or a picture that is larger than the norm and would like for it to hang on the wall, then there are a number of choices for your to choose from. There are better options to choose from rather than simply having to hang it on the wall with tape or glue - for instance, a poster sized picture frame. Using one of these makes the poster look more high quality and finished and is much less likely to damage the walls while being used.

Document Frame

If you have a special document that you’d like to have framed, then you may want to go with the document frame to do so. They’re a great choice for this activity because of the fact that they’re fit for any piece of paper and come in a number of different styles and colors. Remember, it is very difficult to buy one of these that doesn’t fit well in any office or room.

Digital Frame

Remember NFTs? Well, these are the perfect option for anyone considering displaying them. Digital picture frames can display a great deal of digital photos within. Some of them have the ability to hold a camera’s memory card while others have enough built-in memory for uploads directly to them. One can use them to display a slideshow of photos or display a single photo.

Hanging Frame

Hanging frames come with a “hanger” built in that makes it easy to hang a photo on the wall. They make an easy thing out of hanging either a couple of photos or creating a gallery wall. One can turn most frame types (for instance, tabletop frames) into hanging frames but it’s easier to simply buy the frame you’d like to use straight from the beginning.

Floor Frame

This type of frame is much larger that the hanging and tabletop frames are - it’s because they’re typically used when someone needs a frame to be able to be seen from the floor. The floor frame is usually pretty lean, which makes it easy for them to be moved from place to place . Due to their size it makes sense for them to have more than one opening for photos and to be used as collage frames.

Square Frame

The square frame’s nowhere near as common as the rectangle frames that we typically see around. Despite their scarcity, one can still find a wide variety of frames around. Getting a frame that is much larger than the photo that the frame is displaying is a great idea, since this will make the photo pop - or be the main focus.

Rectangle Frame

The rectangle frame is one of the most common frame types around. They are built with rectangular openings which make it very simple to display any photographs that you have printed or that you may print out yourself without having to crop the photo. These types of frames are made readily available at most stores and come in a number of different styles. They all come with different features which means that you can choose a frame that will work best for you, where it will be displayed, etc.

Oval Frame