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How do I choose the right picture frame?

The way to choose the best picture frame for you

Let’s say you just purchased (or created) the perfect photo and would like to choose a frame that best accentuates the image. This article was written to make the task of doing so that much simpler. Regardless of whether the frame is black or white, metal, or wood we’re here to help you find just the item you need.

Once you’ve found the perfect frame type for your item, finish the job by coming to us and letting us help you in the process of procuring it.

Types of frames to choose from

There are a number of different types of and sizes of frames available to choose from. The ones that are fairly popular are black or white, metallic, and wood frames. When used correctly, these styles can improve the look of the artwork inserted.

Black or white frames

If you pace your photo in a solid black or white you can bring out the beauty that the photo inherently has. White frames tend to be a bit more casual and eclectic while black frames have more of a formal, elegant design to them. Both of these types of frames have a streamlined and modern feel to them.

White frames make the darkness inherent in the photo stand out a bit more while the light colors the photo contains blend in a bit more with the background. If you have a casual or candid photo, then a white frame will likely be the best choice for you.

Black frames, however, bring out the darker features in the photo while contrasting against the lighter hues. This is why it’s usually best to use a photo with both dark and light tones in a black frame; it will balance the photo out more.

Metallic Frames

If you want a frame that isn’t black but has a trendy or modern vibe, then a metallic frame would be a good choice for you. They make a photo’s colors more eye-catching. Due to the classy look that metallic frames have they pair really well with wedding photos, family portraits, and landscape images. You’ll also find that black and white photos work really well with metallic frames as they provide a contrast against the image.

Wood Frames

Wood is a natural material, which allows it to offer more of a classic and homey feel. The color of the material can vary from dark to light depending on the type of finish that it uses - they give one tons of options for contrasting and complementing the image used. Pictures that have warm tones such as orange, red, or brown tend to work best with dark frames made of walnut or mahogany woods. If you have an image with cool tones such as lavender, blues, or greens you will find that a frame made of pine, oak, or ash will work best.

The type of frame you choose will also depend highly on the way your home or room is decorated. Frames made of wood can have intricate details. This means that you’ll want to make sure that you match the frame you pick with the style you’re going for - chic, rustic, country, or traditional are examples of this.

Decorative Frames

Decorative frames stand out on their own as works of art - this doesn’t mean you don’t want to pair them with an image though. These frames correspond to a photo's theme or the style of the place it’s being displayed in. One can place a decorative frame on a tabletop or personalize any wall. They come with a number of different themes, decorative flourishes, and sayings which makes them the perfect gift for any person with very specific tastes.

Gallery Frames

Gallery frames have a very simple design but make use of a mat to make the image inside of it stand out. The doubling effect makes the image a focal point of the room. As the name of the frame suggests, the gallery frame does very well when it’s on a wall, giving a room a museum-esque effect.

Floating Frames

As their name suggests, floating frames consist mainly of plastic or clear glass so that it appears that they are literally floating on a wall. These are great for that one special picture as the obvious lack of material makes the picture stand out. When you’re using a floating frame you want to use it as the main thing on a wall - there should be no surrounding images. This makes the wall turn into the focal point of the room.

Guide for choosing frames

  1. You may want to choose a frame that’s a bit lighter for simple or casual art. On the flip side of that you’ll want to choose a darker frame for more formal or elegant pieces.

  2. You don’t have to place great emphasis on matching the color of the frame to the colors in the photo. All you have to do is pay attention to the overall tone of the image when considering getting a frame.

  3. It’s more important to match the frame to the decor in the room than it is to match it to the color of the photo.

  4. To help the art stand out you want to make sure the color of the frame isn't too close to the color of the wall.

  5. You want the color of the frame and the color of the mat to be different. If they’re too close in color, the frame will get more attention than the art itself.

Hope this helps you in your frame purchasing endeavors. And make sure to check out our custom framing services if you want a bit of help with selection.


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