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What is the best hair clip?

35 of the best hair clips

Hello hair clip lovers. This list was created to serve as a guiding force for your purchasing activity. In other words, so you’re aware of the best products and know where to get them from. Hope you enjoy it.

*forewarning: some of the clips mentioned in this article are ours. The other clips aren't, and we do not get paid from mentioning them.

Metal Claw Clips

The metal claw clip is great for those who would like to hold all of their hair at once. It’s been said that these clips are made out of a material that’s sturdy and are strong enough to hold hair to the back without an issue.

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“Best clips I've ever had. I have hair that's past my waist and super thick and curly and these metal clips really hold it up and never slide anywhere”

“Love these clips! So much sturdier than plastic ones. Would definitely recommend it for thick hair.”6

Sectioning Clips

If you’re out for a new bang look and need a bit of help sectioning your hair off, sectioning hair clips are a good way to go. They are designed with a rubber grip that makes sure that all of the strands stay in place while you’re working on your hair. It’s been noted that these clips are really good at locking on to hair and you’ll usually get extra rubber pieces just in case the extra pieces wear down.

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“ I ordered these clips because I somehow manage to always misplace mine. For the price, I couldn't pass these up and I'm glad i didn't. They are very strong and sturdy! The little teeth grab ahold and stay fixed in your hair. They are kind of tougher to open which is good to me because it isn't flimsy like a lot of these I've had and it clamps down and stays. I'll purchase more when I misplace these. Totally worth the money.”

“ Love these clips! I have thin fine hair and have trouble finding clips that will hold it properly while I’m blow drying and straightening it. These were perfect. Highly recommend!”

Square Claw Clips

If you’re searching for some 90’s nostalgia these square claw clips may be the way to go. They are known for their gripping strength and interesting design. They’re known for working with both thin and thick hair.

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“They are definitely large, I have thinner hair but these will work great with thick hair too. The jaws on the clip are very tight so slipping of the clip is NEVER an issue! The colors are BEAUTIFUL as shown. 10/10 best clips ever”

“Works great in my hair.”

Big Effin Claw Clip

This is a clip that was made for taking pictures with.

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Personalized Name Hair Clip

Who doesn’t want to walk around with their names on their body. This loud hairclip is perfect for anyone who wants individuals to know who they are and look good while doing it.

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“ This barrette is so cute & looks just like the pictures. There are 2 small dull spots that I think will clean off with a bit of alcohol. Other than that I love it!”

Tiny Hair Clips

Why not support the trend and take your style back to the early 2000’s and for a low price at that.