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What is the best hair clip?

35 of the best hair clips

Hello hair clip lovers. This list was created to serve as a guiding force for your purchasing activity. In other words, so you’re aware of the best products and know where to get them from. Hope you enjoy it.

*forewarning: some of the clips mentioned in this article are ours. The other clips aren't, and we do not get paid from mentioning them.

Metal Claw Clips

The metal claw clip is great for those who would like to hold all of their hair at once. It’s been said that these clips are made out of a material that’s sturdy and are strong enough to hold hair to the back without an issue.

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“Best clips I've ever had. I have hair that's past my waist and super thick and curly and these metal clips really hold it up and never slide anywhere”

“Love these clips! So much sturdier than plastic ones. Would definitely recommend it for thick hair.”6

Sectioning Clips

If you’re out for a new bang look and need a bit of help sectioning your hair off, sectioning hair clips are a good way to go. They are designed with a rubber grip that makes sure that all of the strands stay in place while you’re working on your hair. It’s been noted that these clips are really good at locking on to hair and you’ll usually get extra rubber pieces just in case the extra pieces wear down.

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“ I ordered these clips because I somehow manage to always misplace mine. For the price, I couldn't pass these up and I'm glad i didn't. They are very strong and sturdy! The little teeth grab ahold and stay fixed in your hair. They are kind of tougher to open which is good to me because it isn't flimsy like a lot of these I've had and it clamps down and stays. I'll purchase more when I misplace these. Totally worth the money.”

“ Love these clips! I have thin fine hair and have trouble finding clips that will hold it properly while I’m blow drying and straightening it. These were perfect. Highly recommend!”

Square Claw Clips

If you’re searching for some 90’s nostalgia these square claw clips may be the way to go. They are known for their gripping strength and interesting design. They’re known for working with both thin and thick hair.

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“They are definitely large, I have thinner hair but these will work great with thick hair too. The jaws on the clip are very tight so slipping of the clip is NEVER an issue! The colors are BEAUTIFUL as shown. 10/10 best clips ever”

“Works great in my hair.”

Big Effin Claw Clip

This is a clip that was made for taking pictures with.

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Personalized Name Hair Clip

Who doesn’t want to walk around with their names on their body. This loud hairclip is perfect for anyone who wants individuals to know who they are and look good while doing it.

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“ This barrette is so cute & looks just like the pictures. There are 2 small dull spots that I think will clean off with a bit of alcohol. Other than that I love it!”

Tiny Hair Clips

Why not support the trend and take your style back to the early 2000’s and for a low price at that.


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“I will be honest, when i ordered these i thought they were going to be mini like the one I had already in the navy color. I was originally gonna use these to hold my baby hair down but they're actually a little bigger than I expected. They have a strong grip but you'll need to use less hair or use bobby pins to hold it in place if you have thicker hair like me. Overall i think what you get for the pirce is good, except I don’t think they should be called 'mini clips'.”

“These are of great quality--strong, not flimsy like others I have had, and hold well. There was a wide color assortment. I appreciated that they are in a container with a screw-on lid. Nothing negative to say about these.”

Minimalist Claw Clip

These are the perfect highlight to any outfit - they’ll quite literally have you considering what you’ll be wearing with your outfit for the next 23 days. There’s just that many of them.

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“This is a beautiful hair clip. I have thick hair, however the clip part is long enough to accept all my hair and still close. I may have to purchase another set so I have two of the same colored hair clips and then I can clip on both sides and not just the center.”

“Cute but tend to slip with fine hair”

Ribbon Hair Clip

Despite the fact that they help hold all of your hair, they are also known for the sophistication and elegance they add to an outfit.


Link to Product: Product


“Annoyed it broke after one use, pretty but not durable”

Circle Hair Clip

These are also some incredibly minimalist and chic hair clips. They’re so dainty that you’ll barely notice that they’re there. The only time you’ll notice is when that breeze touches your face and you realize that your hair is clipped.


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“Purchased these for my daughter for her Christmas stocking! They’re sturdy, durable and don’t slip out of her hair. She has shoulder length, naturally straight, and fine hair.”

“These are super cute but they don't hold a lot of hair. I have super thick hair so I only get a little piece but it still looks pretty cute and I wear them a lot”

Geometric Hair Clip

These hair clips come in a number of designs and are considered both functional and fashionable.


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“OK I ordered this beautiful hair clips and they are very pretty, I gave them two stars because it was supposed to come 3 gold hair pins and 3 silver for a total of 6. In the order where only two and I received this email via amazon marketplace of them offering an apology and is august and they never sent the items. I am attaching the email and hope they remember to send my missing hairpins.”

“I love these minimal hair clips. They do not hold a lot of hair, so I had to Bobby pin first and then add it in..so this is for looks not for actually pulling your hair back. I received a silver and a gold, exactly as I ordered, love them! Very stylish and classy. Shipping did take 3 weeks but it ships from China, that's quite a distance.”

Amethyst Loc Clip

You can use these clips and twist them right into your dreadlocks to add a bit of pop to your style.

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“I love these hair beads. I got some locks (Dreadlocks) and these are amazing to spruce up the hair, Locks look pretty frizzy and messy, I just got the extensions, so I knew that I needed some hair accessories, I saw the hamsa and the dragon and the moon and fell in love with them. They're actually pretty stiff pieces for the price. So they should last me a few years of abuse. I love the crystals as well. I'm a huge crystal person and have lots of crystal bracelets and rings but sometimes I don't want to wear a lot of them on my fingers neck and wrist. So this is definitely a good alternative as well. The box is really nice as well. I made a little lock jewelry box so this size box will be perfect if I take the jewelry out and I'm not at home or I can pack them for a vacation. Thanks for a really cute lock set. I'm also allergic to most metals so having something that you can clip into your hair and wear is really nice. Again thanks for the set. I would get this one for a starter set.”

“There was nothing not to like I was pleasantly surprised the quality. The pieces are gorgeous!! I’ll wear mine to the island.. Soon Come ! Email address is not valid to receive free gift”

Bobby Pins

The classic bobby pin is something that you will likely be able to find anywhere. The great thing about them is that they work while also coming in large quantities.

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“People, here is the real tea on these pins okay. Listen up. You're buying ~400 bobby pins, right? Okay. All these reviews saying they smell like gas are false. The reason why they smell MINORLY like SPRAY PAINT is because they were all painted in the factory. Kk No gas. The only way you would even smell it first of all is if you plunge your nose into the canister.(wtf right?) The individual pin itself is odorless. Another key point, they do chip after a bit, every single bobby pin, no matter where you get it from the paint will wear off. That is just a fact of any item that is constantly being rubbed or clipped or pinned. And I can tell you right now for the price I paid and the amount I got I'm going to be using these a lot and reusing these a lot so I'm not complaining.”

“Usually most pins you'll find out there are very low quality, do not really hold my hair together. But this package has a bunch of pins and they're very good quality. I have thick long hair and it works perfectly. The package has so many pins, it's definitely value for money!”

Extra Hold Thick Hair Clip

These hair clips are made for you if you’ve found that other hair clips are a bit too brittle to make the design that you wanted.

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“Way Better and cost less than the puffcuff. I love this feels like there is nothing in my hair very comfortable.”

“I love this thing!! I’ve had it for weeks now and mine hasn’t broken. I have thick African American type 4A/B hair. It’s easy to use and makes getting a puff so very easy!”

Scunci Octopus Clip

These hair clips are designed for straightforward functionality and nothing else - besides the fact that they’re beautiful.

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“I have thin and very fine hair. It's been difficult to find clips that didn't eventually fall out. These stay in all day. I have even changed tops with one of these in my hair and it didn't fall out. While I can't say how they would work for thicker hair as mine is so thin, I can say if you have hair like mine they work. I would definitely buy them again.”

“I purchase this item often and have a love hate situation going. It is indeed a no slip grip on my hair, it stays where I put it instead of gravity eventually taking it back like most clips. I have long thick hair and the medium sized clip does a great job staying put without pulling. However the clip breaks in the same place every single time with predictable regularity. There is only a 2 mm bit of plastic around the pivoting pin so it cracks under the pressure. But even if this product is designed to fail, I have yet to find a better everyday clip. Considering how often I use this product it is still worth a purchase.”

Heirloom Claw Clip

The Heirloom Claw Clip is made with Italian acetate and is hand screwed to give off European summer vibes.


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“I didn't even think they made these clips anymore! I haven't been able to find them in stores and didn't even think about looking online, then I just happened across these and I am SOOOO HAPPY!! I can twist my hair up and snap one of these babies on in seconds and BAM! Instant relief from the heat and it keeps my hair out of my face. All without giving me a tension headache like most clips and ponytail holders do. There are 4 of these in the pack and the colors are beautiful. The spring is strong and snaps tight, so it holds your hair without sliding out easily. Definitely recommend and will be buying more!!”

Acrylic Hair Clip

The Acrylic Hair Clip is known for its multicolored design as well as their small shape.


“I have extremely THICK and long hair and this actually holds my hair up pretty well, great purchase!”

“LOVE THESE CLIPS GET THEM!!! very few clips hold all of my hair. (I have thick, medium length hair) These are cute and trendy! Go buy them now, you won’t regret!!”

Big Hair Clip

The Big Hair Clip has one of the highest ratings on service sites and have also been able to maintain a large population of individuals who stayed despite them being a part of viral trends.

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“I LOVE THESE CLIPS! I have had them for a couple of weeks now and use them every day. My hair is insanely thick and I have not been able to find clips that hold them well up until now. I can ever work out in them and they stay when I am on the treadmill! It's an understatement when I say how much I love them, I don't know why I didn't buy them sooner.”

“These big claw hair clips are the perfect size for any type of hair length. My hair is long and it grabs it perfectly without any fall out. They are sturdy, and thick and are super cute!”

Gold Clip

These hair clips are perfect for anyone with kinky hair and would like to show their hair texture off and look nice while doing so.

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“Love these clips! So much sturdier than plastic ones. Would definitely recommend it for thick hair.”

“wow these clips are amazing they really hold and I have super long hair and I have no problem with them staying put. They are a little heavier than plastic but these are made with some type of metal and they are like iron jaws never move unless I unclip them and they are a tiny bit heavier but I don't notice the weight just how great they hold. The styles are al cute love love love these things”

Extra Large Snap Clip

These hair clips are great for any day when you simply need an extra large hair clip so your hair will be out of your face.

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“Worked great I have long hair and I like to put it up when it gets hot

But the ones I found in stores were way to small

I braided my hair today and flipped it up on my head and used one of these and it worked fantastic”

“I have big, thick, wavy or even curly hair. It is also a very long and pathetic little bobby pins or smaller clips could never even hold even just my bangs for 1 hour. I would be constantly adjusting my bobby pins. They would fall out and I've literally never even experienced an effective clip until now. These ones stay put for over half the day at least, and the size of the clip helps proportionally because I do have a larger face and forehead and head in general not to mention all of my hair. The rose gold is very beautiful and it makes me look youthful and pretty and it looks good with my Irish skin and golden-brown hair. And brown eyes. The black looks very professional and I wear them to work.”

Dreadlock Hair Ring

Dreadlock hair rings are almost guaranteed to make your hair look like the hair of an individual who is royalty.

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“Such a cheap purchase, and such a cute product. Really enhanced my hair game at LIB festival. I used this for my hair and a lot of my friends hair and it just ties your whole outfit together! Would be cute in braids or fishtails, worth the buy!”

“I love them! I wore them to a Rave theme party and it was a hit. They look so stylish. And they're super easy to put in. I actually had my boyfriend put them in lol and I just undid the braid and pulled them out that way. I actually had them in for a few days and they stayed in place and didn't bother me.”

Butterfly Clip

The butterfly hair clip is the epitome of the 90’s. They add a bit of spice to your hairstyle regardless of how many you use.

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Sun Loc Clip

The Sun Loc Clip will brighten up your mood guaranteed while also making those who see your hair feel the vibes as well.


“This product was exactly what I had imagined. It is pretty durable, the gems are completely reusable (I was afraid they were real flimsy and could only be used a few times each - but I was very wrong).”

“I loved the items. Well put together . Defiantly worth the price.”

Kristen Ess Setting Clip

Save the Kristen Ess Setting Clip for those moments when you’d like that fresh, “I just left the salon” look. Another great thing about these hair clips is that they won’t leave a crease in your hair whatsoever. Meaning you can wear them as long as you’d like.

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“My stylist recommended these clips. I love them. I kept two and gave two to my daughter, she loves them too!”

“These work really well for holding my hair back while doing my makeup. I also love that they are larger in size than my old clips.”

Alligator Clip

The Alligator hair clip is one of the cutest and most colorful hair clips out there. They’re so beautiful that you’ll look for reasons to use them.

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“Many, many years ago, a name brand manufacturer that sold hair clips in local drug stores made a Concord clip out of plastic. Since it was plastic, it didn't last forever, so I'd occasionally have to re-purchase. I didn't mind it so much, as I have fine hair that doesn't have a lot of volume, and those clips actually did a great job of holding my hair up. They were super useful. I loved them. Then, one day, they vanished. At first, I was fairly panicked. I searched eBay = no luck. I shopped Amazon = nope. At some point I came to peace with the fact that I'd never find a Concord clip that I could wear out in public again (sure, maybe there were some made that looked like they were for salon use, but who would wear that out in public?). Every once in a while, when I was experiencing the sadness that not have one of those clips in my arsenal would bring, the feelings of nostalgia and longing would wash over me and I'd go on the internet searching in vain. Oh, the time I'd wasted looking.”

“These were exactly what I was hoping for. My long hair is fine so I use one of these clips to kept my bun from falling out. I thought the ridges on the clip that hold your hair in place would break my hair off when I took it out, but it didn't. So that's a plus for me. I'm happy I decided to make this purchase.”

Comb Clips

If you need something that is a bit more heavy duty, the clip comb may be the way to go. The design of it,the double comb it has, makes it work very well as something to make a bun that will last with.

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“This is a great price. I use them as a ponytail holder. Easy on my wiry, grey hair. Are separating a little after multiple uses.”`

Crystal Hair Clip

The Crystal hair clip simply screams opulence. It’s embedded with an ivory resin base and comes in a variety of sizes with a variety of different sized crystals embedded within. It also features a duckbill clip on its backside that helps it work with any hair texture.

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Gemma Clip

The Gemma clip can change the style of your entire look without you having to possess any skills. You can change it up with different shapes and colors too, just look around.


“I was shocked by how pretty, detailed, and durable these were. For the price I thought they'd be JUNK.”

“I got them last week and I am so happy!

They are not only beautiful but appear to be made very well and strong construction.

I got them to replace the little-jeweled clips I used in my hair a long time ago the clips were from Nordstrom

at about 25.00 for each little clip and that was expensive.

These are prettier than the ones I got from Nordstrom and they are bigger but still small.

They are just as pretty as can be and I am very happy with them.

They are of a heavyweight but the clip attaches nicely and holds perfectly in place and the beauty of the jewels shine brilliantly.

I am very pleased with my purchase.

They are exactly what I wanted. Thank you to whoever is the seller.

Excellent quality.”

Crystal Bow Clip

The crystal bow clip is one of the most dazzling on this list. It’s purposely oversized and shines nearly as bright as the stars when the light hits it. You can wear this clip with either a ponytail or by sweeping all of your hair to one side with it inserted.

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“these are very well made and a lot of bling! Perfect for holding back bangs that u are trying to grow out, or for thinner hair. great seller and purchase :)”

“Smaller than I thought. Cute and shiny. But the back clip part broke off the second time we used it.”

Iris Pearl Headband

If you want a clip in your head but are working against the clock, then you could always check out an embellished headband such as this one. This clip has the power to make even pure bed head look like fire.

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“DON’T HESITATE! BUY! Not the best pic but Very great quality and the pearls are on there strong. It fits great and tight holds your hair back perfectly! I’ll be buying other colors. I got creamy white for starters and literally goes with anything!”

“See more photos in this amazon outfit on Instagram @brookee_stanley

Great, super cute

So many complainants and actually ended up giving random ppl the link at the bar who asked ab it lol”

Cloud Clip

This essential cloud clip can elevate the look of any hairstyle in minutes. It is the ideal accessory for individuals with thicker or longer hair and would like to gather up bundles of it all at once.

French Twist Clip

At first glance it may seem like this clip is not made for use by human beings. However, using this clip is actually pretty simple. It’s a great hair clip for those with denser hair. It uses tiny teeth placed at it’s base t hold hair in place. All you have to do to use it is twist your hair against the head into a roll and stick this clip into the side to fasten it.

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“The U-Pins are incorrectly listed as 10 inches. They are 10 centimeters. Big difference. The clips on the other hand are awesome. I have straight, fine but dense hair. 1st time trying it and it looks fantastic.”

“First of all, I felt confident buying these hair claws because they looked long enough to get the job done in the video and they looked stunning. The dimensions in the pictures are 10.5 in. They are barely 4 inches long. So, where do I get u clips that are longer than 4inches because it's not here. I will be returning these.”

Metal and Chain Bobby pin set

Usually chains don’t come off as glamorous or delicate however, when they have a wonderful coating and design, it usually starts to look alot better.

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“These hair pins were perfect to finish off my blowout for a formal wedding. The bling was just enough and not overdone. They are very sturdy and they stayed in place for the WHOLE day. What I really loved was that there were two different styles and two sizes of each style.”

“nice variation of sizes and designs...but the number of various pieces was off..red 3 of small twist instead of for advertised, received three of double rhinestones straight pin and five of small single straight.....configuration wrong..quality good”

Metallic Stone Large Clip

The stones packed into this hair clip shine in the light and give off a bling-y look. The size of these clips makes it large enough to hold a decent-sized top knot in place or it can be used as a way to make a bold statement when worn against a part.

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“This clip really surprised me- I thought that it was going to be cheap and light weight, but it is really heavy and high quality. The color and design is really beautiful and the claw is really strong and holds well. My hair is very thin and fine so it's too heavy to hold up a half-up style for my type of hair without an elastic underneath, but for someone with thicker or curly hair this may work better. Regardless- it's really beautiful and a great way to elevate a simple 1/2 up style.”

“I usually hesitate weeks with stuff in my cart waiting to check out but don't do that with this hair clip! I have massive amounts of long thick curly hair and this little buddy does the trick! Very sturdy, holds right in place. Much better than some cheap plastic Goodie crap, & the style fits me perfect- I wish they had black! (they might- I didn't look that hard). Had it for a few months now and if it breaks I'm 100% buying another. Worth the money!”

French Pin Set

These hair clips are more than simply being something that can be used to keep hair off the neck. To use it all you have to do is wrap your hair in a low or high bun and fasten it with the pins. And to reveal the soft wave just take it down in the morning.

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“Doesn’t hold as much hair as I thought it would. Maybe for shorter hair it could work better.”

“I wanted these rather than putting my hair in a ponytail all the time. It's comfortable and easy to use. I mostly use it at home for a quick bun. But they look nice to use if you know how to do a French pin updo...which I have not learned yet.”

There you have it, 34 amazing hair clips you can use to fasten your hair. To purchase one of our wonderful hair clips you can go here.


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