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Is it tacky to hang up a poster or art print without framing it?

How to hang art without framing it

If you’re rustling through the bins at a thrift shop, you’ve likely found that there little to no frames there suitable enough for purchase. That’s just how it is. Or the case could be that your eye was caught by a piece of artwork and the frame that was around it just wasn’t suitable enough to be left around it. Which means that it just has to go elsewhere. Some people actually, rather than purchase a new frame for the piece, just hang the art they find without having a frame around it.

So, now you’re likely wondering, “What pieces of work can be hung without a frame?”. Well, we’ll be answering that for you in the next section.

What pieces of art can be hung without a frame?

One of the main types of work that can be hung without a frame are lightweight pieces, as they can be placed on a wall without one worrying about the hanging device being overly stressed or breaking off of the wall. One can also hang canvases on the wall without a frame if they aren’t too unwieldy or large. Besides, if the sides of the canvas are painted and not blank, they’ll look a bit better.

Now, you’re wondering, most likely, how you would go about hanging a piece of art without a frame? Right?

Well, here you go.

How to go about hanging a piece of art without a frame?

It’s been suggested that, if it’s a special piece, to use a clip rather than tape or a pin, as it won’t cause damage to the piece in the way that those items would. One could also use a clear thumb tack or a binder clip to hang the pieces. If you want to add stability while hanging the work, you could also affix a plate hanger to the painting to help fix it to the wall. Or you could prop it up to a stand.

Or, if the work is not too permanent or precious, you could tack it to the wall directly using map tacks.

There you go. If you want to hang a piece without a frame here are a few helpful ways to do so. If you do want help choosing a frame don’t forget to give us a call though. And check out a few other articles while you’re at it.

Thank you!


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