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North Beach Art Gallery proudly represents a private collection that includes the world's only complete bronze sculpture collection by Erté with additional works including: serigraphs suites, medallions, and objects d' art.  Other notable collectors include Liz Taylor, Elton John, and Barbara Streisand! This is a collection totaling notable 205 pieces. Celebrate the centennial of Art Deco with a view of the father of Art Deco's works.

Serious inquiries only thank you.

Erte WPLG Local 10:    205 Piece Private Collection 

Romain de Tirtoff, Father of Art Deco

North Beach Art Gallery represents a priceless, recently acquired ERTÉ ART COLLECTION. Erté‘s delicate figures, sophisticated, glamorous and meticulous designs are instantly recognizable. Erté’s magnificent creations transmit his sensations and fantasies through the human figure. Influenced by theater, film, and fashion, his pieces captured the world around him. This is a prized collection for only a refined art connoisseur to appreciate & and own. Actress, Elizabeth Taylor & Michael Jackson Had extensive collections of Erté's artwork. This is the only one left intact! I would like to see this collection remain complete, since it’s not the sum of the pieces that create the value rather the whole of the bronze collection.  This collection features a complete 146-piece Art Deco bronze sculptures, 13 objects de art including vases, bowls, candelabras,10 bronze medallions, two mint European limited edition serigraphs suites in original portfolio cases, signed books and extensive documentation. 


North Beach Art Gallery was hired to catalog and document for the original collector. Founded in 2013 by Brooke Trace, voted Best Gallery 2021 from Fort Lauderdale Magazine and named one of the top 10 galleries in Broward County by The New Times. The gallery is the culmination of 20 years in the art business with services including brokering, appraisals, restorations and museum quality framing.  Artists’ works represented include Dali, Picasso, Nechita, Simbari, Tobiasse, Neiman, Schluss and many others. The gallery has an exclusive representation of international artists as well.


The collection story originates with a private Dutch collector from Aruba. On a trip to New York City he ventured into R.K. Parker Gallery, thus began his relationship with the gallery, publisher, foundry and artist on May 19, 1981, with purchase of Autumn, 1922, 1921 and Dancer. He purchased his European Edition Hand Signed Serigraph Suites, Numbers and Alphabet May 20, 1982, from Dyansen Gallery. His largest purchase was 42 sculptures from Benedetti Gallery November 20, 1992, with all edition number of 4/375! The infamous Ibis was purchased on May 19, 1982. Erté was dissatisfied with the bird head and changed Ibis to an elegant woman’s head which was purchased from Eclipse Gallery June 3, 1985. The collection is accompanied by personal notes from Erte, original brochures, Certificates of Authenticity, receipts of purchase, limited edition signed books and the program for Erte 90th Birthday Retrospective Exhibition held by the Dyansen Gallery. The documentation for this privately held collection purchased directly through Erte’s New York galleries and foundry is impressive and extensive.


Erté, was a Russian-born (St. Petersburg) 1920’s artist whose birth name was Romain de Tirtoff. A fashion designer known as the father of the Art Deco Era, left an indelible mark through his work in art, fashion, costume and set design. From 1916 to 1937 he was under contract to the American fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar and designed over 200 covers. His illustrations appeared in publications such as Illustrated London News, Cosmopolitan, Ladies' Home Journal, and Vogue. The highly stylized illustrations depicted models in mannered poses draped in luxurious jewels, feathers, and soft, flowing materials against a background of Art Deco style interiors style of his era. A real change in his career came in 1965 when he was 73: he met Eric and Salome Estorick, the founders of Seven Arts Ltd., of the Grosvenor Galleries, London and New York. They convinced him to resurrect many illustrations from his Art Deco collection. Through graphic works he was able to reach a large public audience. Erté's work has a timeless stylized quality and within its stylistic limits, his artistic designs are superb.

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Erte, Romain de Tirtoff, Father of Art Deco in Paris
North Beach Art Gallery Erte Collection including the only complete bronze scuplture collection by Erte
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