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Erté Private Exhibition Opening 

205 Piece Collection

This is a very special Private Erté collection returned from Aruba debuted Friday May 10, 2019. Thank you to all that attended, supported and participated as we transformed our models into his magnificent sculptures. 

ERTÉ ART COLLECTION. Six of Erté’s elegant and timeless sculptures were brought to life presented on the runway with style and fashion. This was the debut for this privately held complete collection of an amazing 205 piece collection, returning from Aruba. Notable collectors included Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John and Barbara Streisand. The value is through the totality as the whole of the collection rather than individually. North Beach Art Gallery representing this collection strives to place this prominent one-of-a-kind collection with a patron to share with a museum or a serious high-profile collector.  Respecting the original collector’s last wishes the gallery hopes to keep this prized and cherished collection intact. The premiere of this special exhibition was Friday, May 10, 2019.


Erté‘s easily recognizable prolific style makes a statement. The Father of Art Deco has stood the test of time influencing fashion, theatre, graphic arts and sculpture.  This treasured collection includes 146 bronze sculptures, 13 objects de art including vases, bowls, candelabras, 10 gold medallions, 2 mint European limited edition serigraphs suites in original portfolio cases. Additionally, this private had a very special relationship with the artist, his gallery and the foundry. That can be found in signed books, notes and extensive documentation. The documentation includes original receipt of purchase, certificates of authenticity, gallery brochures, photographs front, back and stamped numeration which has all been digitized.


The story of this collection began in New York City 1981 when a Dutch Aruban visited R.K. Parker Gallery. This successful businessman began his relationship with the gallery, publisher, foundry and artist with purchase of 4 sculptures:  Autumn, 1922, 1921 and Dancer. He purchased his European Edition Hand Signed Serigraph Suites, Numbers and Alphabet in 1982 from Dyansen Gallery. The Ibis was purchased in 1982. Erté was dissatisfied with the bird head never finishing casting the edition. The foundry tried to buy the initial Ibis back to no avail. He released Ibis with an elegant woman’s head which was acquired at Eclipse Gallery. His biggest single purchase was 42 sculptures from Benedetti Gallery in 1992 with all edition number of 4/375! The collection is accompanied extensive documentation: personal notes from Erté, original brochures, Certificates of Authenticity, receipts of purchase, limited edition signed books and the program for Erté 90th Birthday Retrospective Exhibition held by the Dyansen Gallery. The collection was purchased directly from Erté’s representing galleries and foundry.

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