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Stan Slutski



In the studio of artist Stanford Slutsky, fashioned in his home's two-car garage, the painter stands behind his hand-built rotating easel.  Small plastic containers, each labeled with numbers, contain blue paint.  Blocks of wood are neatly stacked near a power saw.  Paint brushes dangle upside down under shelves, held on by magnets."I feel like a pharmacist when I mix my paint," he said.Slutsky describes himself as part magician, part mathematician. "I like to mess with peoples' minds, I really, truly do," he quipped.


The painting he is working on appears to pop from the canvas.  The lines of the image are carefully measured and drawn, each block painted carefully by hand."I flunked Algebra. But I excel at my math and I always keep a tape measure around because I have to be precise and exact. But I've learned to do that mostly with my eye," he said.Some of Slutsky's pieces are created of stacked wooden pieces, often held to the canvas with magnet.  Spectators, he says, are often surprised by the moving parts.


One of Slutsky's flat paintings even fooled the cleaning lady. From afar, it looks like a giant cube popping from the wall. Slutsky noticed the woman vacuuming near it, crouching down. 

Dowel Pyramid
Dowel Pyramid

Wooden hand cut and painted dowel

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3334 NE 34th Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308