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Brooke Trace



Brooke is an artist, photographer and gallery owner. She's held an interest in art ever since she was handed a camera as a child. Brooke is a master framer and continually pushes her artwork further by creating frames that both amplify and strengthen her pieces. Her framing becomes an addition to the artwork, rather than a seperate component of it. Brooke's subject matter has primarily consisted of nautical themes. She aspires to share the beauty of the ocean without destroying it. 


Brooke's first collection, Seaside Treasures, is a series of shells and other treasures from the sea that have been wonderfully captured through photography and masterfully presented with beautiful mounts and frames which compliment the pieces tremendously.


Brooke has developed these further into a product line that includes: silk pillows, matted prints, tiles, placemats, and coasters. She has expanded herself by painting onto glass. Glass has provided her with a unique canvas which to express herself and her visions. In addition, she is also an adept photographer. Her photography's subject matter consists of the magnificent views of the ocean at sunrise, and the playful interactions of the ecosystem.

Phone: (954) 667-0660

3334 NE 34th Street

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308